Our lives go through many different chapters.

Each chapter has its own plot and narrative.

Some chapters are comedies; others are dramas.

Sometimes the chapters are love stories and other times they’re horror.

Many chapters are packed full of activity while others have plenty of relaxation.


Every chapter plays a part of telling a good story.

Each chapter helps shape the entire story of our lives.

Some chapters play a bigger role in our stories than others.

Often times, certain chapters from our childhood haunt us for years while other chapters are easily forgotten.

A chapter’s significance is often too difficult to decipher until many chapters later.


Certain chapters you already know in advance will be big: graduations, marriages, births, and deaths.

Those chapters have the ability to shape every chapter that follows.

Other chapters you have a hunch could be huge.

You anticipate their arrival and attempt to soak in every moment while in it.

Only when the chapter is over can you assess whether your hunch was accurate or not.

Once in a while, we put too much emphasis on one specific chapter and allow that chapter too much power over the rest of our story.

We allow a chapter’s memory to linger so much that we forget to remain present in the chapter we’re currently in.


You may be in a difficult chapter in your life right now.  I can relate.

No matter what your chapter currently looks like, please know that you are loved!!

Our lives go through many different chapters.


Peace my Friends!




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