Who Am I?


Thank you for visiting my blog, Mysterious Flow. If you don’t know me personally, my name is Travis Crotser. My wife, Katie, and I live on the Portage River in Michigan. We’ve been married since 2009 and we’ve worked very hard at being each other’s healing partners. Not every day is easy. Growing comes with pains, but when we least expect it we look back and we’re both amazed at how far we’ve come. She is definitely better than I deserve and I’m proud to say I married out of my league.

I have two teenagers I constantly find eating my food and watching my television whom I am blessed to call my children. Kelsi and Keaton have taught me more about love and life than I could ever imagine possible.  I see so much of my younger self in their sly grins and their pondering eyes. You’ll find them mentioned many times throughout my writing as they are forever a part of my soul.

I consider myself a lifelong learner; I constantly find myself studying different topics that interest me. More often than not my topics of choice are: love, life, relationships, religion, spirituality, family, counseling, healing trauma, writing, making positive changes, creativity, and creative living. I read mostly nonfiction but throw in a novel on occasion. When I find an author that grabs my attention, I devour as much of their work as possible until another author takes over. Many times I’ll have three or four books going at once. Do you do this? Let’s just say, Amazon loves me! 🙂

I graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Family Life Education. Along with becoming a Certified Life Coach, I will also obtain a Master’s degree in Counseling in the spring of 2019. I am thankful for the opportunity to work for a world-class manufacturing company for over 2 decades; but as you can see, my passions have caused me to pursue more than just a job. Coaching allows me to help individuals bridge the gap from where they are now to where they want to be. Counseling will allow me to help people in all aspects of their lives–mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.


Why Mysterious Flow?

Do you ever get the sense that there’s more going on here than meets the eye? Life has highs and lows that come and go when we least expect it. Random events cause us to lose hope and sink into despair or depression. Then out of nowhere something else happens that restores our hope and faith in humanity.

We find ourselves traveling on a large rock through a galaxy that is part of a limitless universe we have barely begun to discover. Isn’t that mysterious enough?

But even deeper and more personal: We are all individual stories that play a part in a larger story of what it means to be human. My story blends with your story to create a beautiful collective story. It’s all so mysterious and amazing and beautiful.

Several years ago I made the decision I would share what I am learning with the world. Soon enough it will be through books but for now I will offer my creativity here.

My goals for this blog are twofold: 1) I hope something I write causes you to pause and think about life a tiny bit differently today than you did yesterday; and, 2) My intention is to help you be more comfortable with your humanness.


Peace my Friends!





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