You are Enough!

You are enough!

You are more than enough!

If you could see yourself as I do you would see the energy that flows through the entire universe is also flowing through you and shines through you.

Maybe you initially came to see me because you thought you were lacking and needed some help. What I hope you begin to notice during our time together is you are perfect exactly the way you are now. I hope you are able to see glimpses of your perfection shine through when you least expect it. Those tiny glimpses you notice are what I see in you every time I encounter you—even when you may feel like you’re falling all apart—I notice your perfection. 

I have been on a journey to discover my own heart and to see my own perfection for a long time now. What I have noticed over the years is I remember, then forget, then remember again. This constant yo-yo of forgetting and remembering has been happening to me for what feels like forever. When I first started my journey, I spent most of my time forgetting with only glimpses of remembering. I would forget my own perfection for weeks or months at a time, then a slight glimpse helped me remember again. I did this dance for years of mostly forgetting and only occasionally remembering my perfection. Eventually, with enough practice and gentle reminders from important people in my life, I noticed the remembering became more frequent and the forgetting became less and less.

With years of experience under my belt of pursuing my own heart, the remembering is where I now live most days. Now the forgetting only happens on occasion and it’s not long before I remember again. 

I see this same pattern happening in you, too. When I speak of you getting glimpses of your perfection—even if they’re ever-so-slight—you are able to identify having those clear moments to see who you really are. My hope for you is you are able to see your perfection in every instance and you are able to see yourself as I do—as a Divine Being having a human experience.

You are Divine! You are cut from the same Divine cloth that also brought everyone else into existence as well.

You are worthy! You are worthy of all good things this life has to offer you.

You are abundance! You are attracting everything valuable and precious into your life. Abundance is at your doorstep knocking and all you have to do is open the door. 

As I witness you wrestle with various people in your life and the toll that sometimes has on you, part of me wants to take that struggle away from you. But then I remember it was in my own struggles with people in my life where I began to learn about my own perfection. Without the struggle, I might not have grown to appreciate the beauty this life has to offer. 

So, even though I couldn’t take away all your struggles if I wanted to, I have to remain confident in this process that you are going through. My goal is to serve as a mirror that reflects your greatness back to you just as important people in my life did that for me.

If only you could see what I see!

If only you could believe about yourself what I believe about you!

If only your Divine energy would grab you by the cheeks and kiss you on the forehead and open your eyes to your perfection. 

You are enough! 

Peace and Love,


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