5 Rules for Becoming a Grown-up American

We're all doing the best we can to keep our wits about us.


I’ve Struggled with Relationships Lately

We feel jaded when someone treats us poorly.   We are furious when someone acts different than we think they should.   We pull away from those who have hurt us because it makes sense to protect ourselves.   We carry life-long grudges for minor disagreements.   We attempt to control and manipulate those around... Continue Reading →

What I’m Learning . . .

  I'm learning a lot about myself and life these days. I'm learning that it's okay to ask for what I need. I'm learning that my dreams don't magically come true without hard work. I'm learning that my impatience or annoyance is more about my inner state of mind than it is about the one... Continue Reading →

Dear Grandma Tootie

The following is an essay I wrote for a Masters program I am in. I haven't been able to shake memories of my grandmother since my wife and I toured the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum last month. Dear Grandma Tootie, I have to admit, things sure have changed. Truthfully, things were rapidly... Continue Reading →

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