Introducing Healing for Helping Professionals

I would like to formally introduce a project that my dearest friend, Joanne Susi, and I have been working on. We have been diligently and purposefully working to facilitate healing space for helping professionals in our coaching practices. Therefore, we have combined our passions and efforts to work hand-in-hand to help those in need. With that being said, Healing for Helping Professionals was born.

Healing for Helping Professionals is a place for doctors, nurses, counselors, coaches, energy workers, first responders, law enforcement, firefighters, teachers and parents, etc. (ANYONE WHO HELPS OTHERS) to get the help they need to find balance in their mind, body, and soul. We know that helping professionals carry a huge burden on a daily basis so we facilitate space for them to know their burdens are not carried alone.

Joanne has been a successful coach and teacher since 1999, a published author, and a sought-after speaker sharing her amazing story of having a stroke in 2008 and all the challenges she faced along the way to being mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy again. Joanne gives her clients a perspective about themselves often overlooked by stripping away their fear and helping them unearth their greatness. I would highly recommend working with Joanne to ANYONE, especially helping professionals! She masterfully uses a co-creative process in her coaching that helps you connect with the deepest parts of your being.

As for me personally, I have been a coach since 2007 and a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor since 2019. I love different aspects about coaching and counseling and believe there is an appropriate space for both depending on the client’s needs.

Give the website a look. It’s by no means a finished product—it’s still a work in progress. But if you know of any helping professionals who could use a hand, send them our way. We also have a toll-free number for people to use to reach out to us: 866-406-HEAL.

Helping professionals need assistance now more than ever. Joanne and I are eager to give them the help they are looking for!

Thanks for giving it a look and thanks for sharing it with those who could use it.

Peace my Friends,


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