37 Newer Favorites

These are 37 newer favorites of blogs I’ve written. Hope you enjoy! Let me know which are your favorites.

Every Person We Meet Holds Within Them a Lost Piece of Ourselves

Dealing With Life’s Circumstances and the Power of Intention

I’m Squinting

Life is Heavy. Life is Sheer Joy.


Relationships: Enter at Your Own Risk!

As the Sun Sinks . . . .

Trusting the Process

Are You Struggling?

This is Your Brain on Life!

Three Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re in an Argument with Someone You Love

Where Did We Go Wrong?

The Blank Page

Ten Things I Wish I Understood When I Graduated High School

We’re Expecting!!!

Why Not You?

My Struggle With Authenticity

Eleven Facts About People

Seventy-three Seconds

Counseling, Here I Come!


You Don’t Have to Try

Almost Daily

Top 10 Reasons Why I am Becoming a Counselor


Gone, But Not Forgotten…

I’ve Struggled with Relationships Lately

When I Truly SEE My Children

Dear Kelsi,

San Francisco and The Egg

Ten Things I Want to Remind My Children on Father’s Day

A People-Pleaser’s Guide to Self-Compassion, Grace, and Truth

What Do I Want at My Core?

A Plea for Sanity

This Ubiquitous Assimilation

5 Rules for Becoming a Grown-Up American

Maybe Letting Go and Letting God Isn’t Enough For You Right Now

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