The Shadow

Over ten miles around the mountain and I couldn’t get away from my shadow.

Everywhere I went, it followed.


Reminding me of the parts of myself I’m not proud of.

Parts that show up whether I want them to or not.

Disowned parts of my psyche;

my inner child;

my underdeveloped personality.


I can attempt to run away from it as fast and as far as possible.

I can deny its existence, ignore it like an unwanted annoying little sibling.

But until I love these parts of myself, I will be running with no end in sight.

Love does not exclude, it embraces.

Learning to love myself is the true definition of change.


I now embrace ALL my parts;

thank them for making me who I am;

ask for their input;

water them when they’re dry.

Love is the elixir that allows my shadow to bloom.



Peace my friends!



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