36 Older Favorites

I’ve been reading through my old blogs lately and here are 36 of my old favorites. I’ll post another favorites page soon with more recent favorites. Feel free to let me know your favorites.

Dear Grandma Tootie

From Love to Hate


Mr. Holland’s Opus

Crazy, Stupid, Travis

Like a Cat Watching a Mouse Hole

Why I Write

Your Authentic Story

My Father’s Day Musings

What I’m Learning


Guilt Sucks

Why is Choosing to Love so Difficult?

The Little Boy, Authentic Self, and a Touch of TMI

My Trusting Place. . . and Joanne

“Suck it Up?” Yeah, right! Dealing With Grief.

I Hate My Job! . . . . and . . . . Three Ideas for Awakening

Toxic People Suck!!

Speaking Up, Steve Jobs, and My Role

To All the Little Girls


Advice for My Dear Friend

Why Do I Judge Myself???

Monkey Mind

What if You are Wrong?

They Hurt Me!

The World Needs Your Gifts!

Some Days It Hurts


Grief and Christmas

It’s An Awkward Feeling

My Random Thoughts

Sometimes I Cry

What’s Wrong With You? . . . Nothing!

When Life Beats You Up!

Love Actually IS All Around


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