From My Bookshelf – Day 17

But sometimes the knowledge of the scholar is a bit hard to understand because it doesn’t seem to match up with our own experience of things. In other words, Knowledge and Experience do not necessarily speak the same language. But isn’t the knowledge that comes from experience more valuable than the knowledge that doesn’t? It seems fairly obvious to some of us that a lot of scholars need to go outside and sniff around—walk through the grass, talk to animals. That sort of thing.

“Lots of people talk to animals,” said Pooh.

“Maybe, but . . . “

“Not very many listen, though,” he said.

“That’s the problem,” he added. 

In other words, you might say that there is more to Knowing than just being correct. 

Benjamin Hoff — The Tao of Pooh (pp. 28-29)

Acquiring a bunch of knowledge solely for the sake of acquiring knowledge is pretty fruitless. Knowledge along with Experience is something altogether different.

I spent the better part of the last 15 years with my nose buried in a book. Any chance I could I was reading something new and always interested in the next idea. When I started that habit, I initially picked books that strengthened my position of what I already believed to be true. I gathered knowledge much like a bricklayer builds a block wall. With each new layer of information in my arsenal, I built a fortress around me to comfortably protect all my previously-held knowledge.

I consider myself lucky because while I was endlessly acquiring knowledge, I was also having a lot of experiences. I was able to go outside and sniff around, walk through the grass, talk to the animals. As I continued to acquire knowledge, my experiences told me something was missing from those scholars I was studying from. That caused me to start learning from scholars who thought differently and instantly my world was expanded.

I never regret those first years of acquiring knowledge since it has drastically shifted the person I am. However, knowledge simply for knowledge’s sake is missing something. But Knowledge and Experience? That’s where the magic is at!

Have a blessed day.

Peace and Love,


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