I am continuously reminded to show up. Every morning is an opportunity to choose. Either I can coast through the day on auto pilot or I can choose to live my life with intention and show up. 

I am full of gratitude every time I choose to show up! It never fails. When I choose to show up, Life smiles back at me and greets me in the most peculiar ways. 

When I show up, I end up having the deepest, most meaningful conversations when I least expect them. When I show up, I sense the cues to speak my truth. 

Showing up means I grasp the concepts I’m learning in the field of counseling. I’m able to relate my vast experiences with the ideas being taught. When I show up, I make myself and my classmates better by being fully present in the moment. 

You may find my plea to show up rather odd. “Don’t we all show up when we get out of bed and move through our day?” you might be asking. 

Well, do you? 

If you’re anything like me, you probably already know that showing up TAKES WORK! It takes work to be fully present and in tune with your surroundings. It’s so much easier to turn off your brain and senses. It’s so much easier to drift. But when we drift, we completely miss out on Life. When we drift we miss the cues the Universe is giving us to join this mysterious and wonderful ride we all take part in. 

Most importantly, when we drift, we miss the beauty. We miss the wonder. We miss the joy in the journey. 

My wife and I recently lost a friend who was headed to work. In the blink of an eye, lives were changed forever. There is a huge void in the lives of everyone who knew and loved him. 

With so little time on this earth, why is it so difficult to show up every day? 

EVERY SINGLE MOMENT is crying out to us, begging us, pleading that we be fully aware and fully alive. The present moment is ready for us to show up. Our divine nature is patiently waiting for each one of us. 

If you’re drifting through life, glued to your phone or television or job or internet or any number of things, I beg of you, show up! 

Show up while you still can, because sooner than you think,  you won’t be able to. 

RIP Sam! 

Peace my Friends! 

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