Dealing with Life’s Circumstances and The Power of Intention

“The greatest difficulty is the mental resistance to things that arise, and the underlying assumption that they should not.”

This perfect reminder from Eckhart Tolle was waiting for me in my email today.


I have difficulties just like anyone else.  Life allows circumstances to arise that are out of my control.  I then have thoughts about these circumstances that imply the circumstances shouldn’t be happening.  My mental resistance to the events in my life creates suffering for myself.

I wish I responded to every situation perfectly.  I wish I thought more, reacted less; loved more, hated less; accepted more, and rejected less.  But to my surprise, I am human.  I am perfectly imperfect.

So are you!

I love my perfectly imperfect self.  I accept the beauty that are my flaws.  You may know me well and assume I need to change.  Thank you for caring.  I know I am continuously moving towards a better version of myself every day.

How can I know the current circumstance that is happening in my life should be happening?  Because it is.  I will put a smile on my face and accept what arises one circumstance at a time.  I will do the best I can in each moment. And the moments I don’t do my best I will learn from them.

Accepting my current circumstance doesn’t mean I sit and do nothing.  Acceptance is not resignation or ignorance.  Acceptance is being fully aware of my present moment and taking action from that fully aware place.

I consider myself extremely fortunate for many reasons.  One reason is because I have been writing and journaling for years.  I have the fortunate ability to go back in time and read what I was thinking last month, last year, or even many years ago.  I am able to truly grasp just how far I’ve come by reading my old journals.  I have concrete evidence that I am a part of a larger story and my life is mysteriously flowing forward.  I am also fortunate because I have a deep knowing that circumstances that arise in my life are opportunities for healing and growth.

Recently, while typing one of my old journals into the computer, I came across an old intention I set for myself.  I’m a huge believer in intentions.  We will never achieve anything of value in life unless we first set the intention for ourselves.  Anyway, several years ago I set the intention to be a lifelong learner.  And then as a follow-up to that I set the intention that I would share with the world what I am learning.  In big bold cursive writing in my journal are these words: I will always learn and grow and then share what I have learned.  Since setting that intention I have over 60 blog posts and dozens of full journals to bear witness to the power of intention.  Nothing of importance in my life will come to fruition if I don’t first set the intention.  Once the intention is set, it serves as a magnet or a vortex pulling my life forward.  It seems too easy but have you tried it in your own life?

Do you want to be in a happy, healthy, loving relationship? Set that as your intention.

Do you want healing from past wounds? Set that as your intention.

Do you want to read more books that transform your mind? Set that as your intention.

Do you want to make healthier choices with food?  Set that as your intention.

Do you want to be a world-renown author? Set that as your intention.

Do you want to create beautiful art that speaks to the hearts of millions? Set that as your intention.

Am I making my point? Anything of significance you desire in life must first be an actual intention otherwise it’s only a wish.  And we all know if we wish in one hand what’s in the other.  (if you don’t know what’s in the other hand I’ll explain it to you privately) 🙂


My intention is to always learn and grow and then share what I am learning with the world.

What is your intention?

One thing I’m learning today is to accept my current circumstances and to trust that everything will be perfect no matter what.  Instead of resisting circumstances as they arise, I will attempt to be fully aware and present.

What are you learning today?


Peace my Friends!



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