“Anything,” she says.

That seems to be a popular response these days.  No matter what I ask the results are the same.  For a split second I wonder if I should be frustrated.   I ask a question, I want input, I want a deep conversation, but instead I’m met with a non-committal answer. 

“Anything” is a very interesting response to a question.  I’m left with a choice on how I respond: Do I become frustrated and whine about how I want more input, or do I see the “anything” as an opportunity to create my own beautiful outcome?  I choose the latter and then minutes later while in a good frame of mind I come across this quote by Byron Katie, “Love doesn’t seek anything.”  I laughed out loud, the timing was priceless.


Then I stumbled across this quote by Prince Ea; “You can never know another person.  All you will ever know is your image of that person.  Love is when you abandon all images, expectations and projections leaving you with the space in every new moment to joyously and compassionately discover who that person truly is.  Love is Freedom.” 

So, in essence, “Anything” really is the most loving response there is.  Any question I ask that is met with “anything” means the other person fully trusts my judgment and is open to any outcome.  The greatest gift of love I can receive is the gift of freedom and “anything” gives me that freedom. 

Life is the perfect teacher.  Each new day brings the opportunity for me to question my thoughts.  Just when I think I have myself figured out, Life throws a new scenario my way and I find out I’m not as far along as I thought.  I realize I still have insecurities, I still have fears, I still have doubts, and my quiet confidence might not be as confident as I would like to think. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so much farther down the path than I was before, but the Hero’s Journey can feel like a lonely road at times.  There are so many different views and beliefs about the world and why we’re here.  I aspire to make a contribution but I have no desire to join into any argument about it.  I would rather be humble like water and flow down the path of least resistance. By not being attached to some specific outcome, I free myself to let the events of Life unfold exactly as they are supposed to. 

“Anything,” she says.

The thoughts that start with “he should, she shouldn’t, or that’s not right” always create hell for me if I choose to believe them.  When I attempt to argue with Reality, I always lose. 


I have a lot to learn about relationships still.  I feel like I take two steps forward one day then three steps back the next day.  I have also learned that expectations in relationships will steal my joy, but only every single time.  When I put expectations on another person I can be certain they will disappoint me because my expectations are nothing more than my projected image of who I think that person is.  Instead, I need to meet them with Love.  I need to meet them with curiosity as if I’m meeting them for the first time. 

Obviously when you have been with someone or have known someone for a very long time, it’s easy to grow accustomed to their habits.  Their habits create a certain level of expectations for you.  Eventually they will act in a way that goes against your expectations.  The real question is not if they will shatter your expectations, but when

I have also learned—just like in relationships—expectations don’t serve me well in Life either.  Anytime I have expectations that Life will go a certain way and then it doesn’t, I create hell for myself.  But when I choose to be open to anything Life has for me and accept Reality for what it is and remember that “Love doesn’t seek anything” then I create peace and joy in my life no matter what the outcome. 

“Anything,” she says.

I agree!

Peace my friends!


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