From My Bookshelf – Day 14

Wise therapists help clients to think more clearly, feel more deeply, and behave more responsibly. Wise writers often want to do these same things. 

In general, both therapists and change agents must train themselves to stay attentive, calm, and kind. We must strive to keep anxiety or anger from interfering with our work. With our presence and attention, we suggest that honest exploration of issues is healing and that hiding from them is toxic. 

Mary Pipher — Writing to Change the World (p. 90)

In my experience, hiding from issues is toxic while honest exploration of them is healing. One of my favorite recent quotes is by Irvin Yalom in his documentary Yalom’s Cure: “One way I look at myself is that I’m a guide on this voyage of self-exploration. I’m a good guide because I’ve been there before.” I can relate to Yalom’s quote because I have been on a deliberate and prosperous voyage of self-exploration myself.

When I sit down with someone to discuss their life, they quickly realize I’m not someone who hides behind techniques or offers a lot of advice. Instead, I consider myself a fellow-traveler who trusts the process of honest exploration. I consider myself an experienced guide since I never ask someone to go somewhere I’m not willing to go myself.

If you have any issues in your life, please don’t hesitate to talk to someone who’s attentive, calm, and kind. Rid yourself of any toxicity through honest exploration—and having a fellow-traveler who can serve as a guide makes for a more enjoyable voyage.

Have a blessed day.

Peace and Love,


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