They Hurt Me!

We all have our reasons to not like certain people.

They wronged us.

They hurt us.

They are prejudiced, rude, bigoted, selfish, evil, etc.  The list could go on forever and ever.  We see the “other”–the outside–as a reason not to Love.

We are so crafty at this.  Just the thought of merely suggesting that maybe it starts with you has you already forming an argument in your head justifying your actions.


Let me offer an alternative.

You are Love. You came into existence as a being of Love.  You know no different.  You were Love, you were Life, and you were connected to everything else in the Universe as Love and Life. Along the way you began to believe the lies your loved ones told you about the world.  You began to believe you were not Love and not Life.  You believed that you were somehow separate or lacking in some way.

Your loved ones didn’t lie to you on purpose.  They simply believed the lies their loved ones taught them.  And so it goes.  We are a species with an identity crisis.  We have forgotten who we are.  We have forgotten that we are all Love, we are all Life, and we are all connected.

You may say I’m crazy but humor me and follow this through…..

Pick a person you really don’t care for very much, someone who has upset you recently.  Now consider all the thoughts or words you used against that person telling them all the ways they are wrong:

“They shouldn’t have done that!”

“They should know better!”

“They hurt me on purpose!”

“They are so controlling, manipulative, and disgraceful!”

Every thought or word you have about the other person that is not Love or Life or Unity or Source is a lie you are choosing to believe.

Let’s forget about the other person for a minute and pretend there’s only you.  You are Love.  You are Life. You are Perfection; you always have been and always will be.  If you could just grasp that, all your problems would simply disappear.  You see, the problem is not outside of you.  The problem–until you choose to realize it–is inside your head.  The thoughts you choose to believe as true separate you from Love, Life, Reality.

You have glimpses……..

You believe it for a split second………

You are Love, you are Life, you are Perfect………

It’s beautiful, it’s pure Heaven for just as long as you can stand it until the next untrue thought enters your mind and you choose to believe it.


Your problem is not external.  Your problem is internal.  You think an untrue thought and then you believe it.  Instead of questioning whether the thought is true or not, you believe it and then ride the wave of your own personal hell.

How do you go about knowing if a thought is true or not? First, you have to know deep in your bones that you are Love and that you are Life.  Then, when you fully grasp you are Love, you hold the thought up to the light of your Love and see if it’s true.

You lack nothing.  In this very moment you are Perfect.  Any thought that doesn’t reflect that is an untrue thought and is sure to create suffering for you if you choose to believe it.

When you fully grasp just how amazing you are, you will see what I mean that it’s all internal.  Let’s suppose you’re a waitress and a rude customer just called you a very bad name because his order was different than what he wanted.  Your response has nothing to do with the angry customer.  Your response has everything to do with your own personal thoughts.  You will no doubt have thoughts–that’s the beauty of living in this world, we’ll always have plenty of chances to question our thoughts.

You may start to defend yourself to this rude customer.  You may not believe you are Love and you are Perfect so you start to grab hold of the lies that are now turning into an avalanche of thoughts inside your head.  If you’re unaware, you will blame this rude customer for all your terrible thoughts and for ruining your night.  You will obsess about all the things you want to say to him and your internal dialogue with him goes on for hours or maybe even days.

“How dare he……”

Let’s consider another approach.  You are Love.  You are Perfect.  His order gets messed up, he’s rude, he says mean things to you.  You walk away and the thoughts come pouring in just the same.  Any thought that is not true causes you great delight.  You even laugh out loud because one of your thoughts tries to convince you that you’re less than Perfection.  Instead of being mad at the rude customer, you have empathy for him.

“Poor guy.  He must be confused.  He must not know I am Love, I am Life, and I am Perfect.  He’s believing thoughts that are untrue and he’s suffering because of it.  I wonder if I could help him see that he is Perfection, too?”

We all have our reasons to not like certain people.

They wronged us.

They hurt us.

You see, the problem is not outside of you.  The problem–until you choose to realize it–is inside your head.

Is it possible for you to truly grasp just how amazing you are?


Peace my friends!




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