Welcome to Mysterious Flow!

For most of my life I have swam upstream. With every decision I sensed I was swimming against the current. I knew I had gifts and talents that were guiding me in a different direction in life but my natural instinct was to resist them. I am at a place in my life where I am ready and willing to live in the Mysterious Flow and share with the world what I have learned.

The Mysterious Flow is something we cannot put into words. It can be called God, the Holy Spirit, the Lord, Higher Self, Soul, the Universe, universal energy, The Way, etc. The problem with trying to describe mysterious flow is that it cannot be described with words. The concept of it “can never adequately express the experience it refers to. It points to it, but it is not it. It is, as the Zen Buddhists say, ‘the finger that points to the moon’–it is not the moon.” (Fromm, You Shall Be as Gods pp.19)

I am eager to share this journey I am on. So with my very limited vocabulary I will attempt to lay out this mysterious flow that affects us all. I don’t have an exact schedule for how often I will post (I’ll just go with the flow) 🙂 but I hope to post as often as possible.

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