New Year, Same You

There’s an interesting thing that happens the older you get.  It seems like time picks up speed with each passing year, and before you know it a year feels like a day and a decade feels like a month.  Time flies.  We all know this but it’s definitely more apparent the older you get.

We attempt to give certain days more significance than others as a society. New Year’s Eve is one of those days.  “Out with the old, in with the new,” we tell ourselves.  We believe we can leave our old self in the past the way a snake sheds its skin and moves on.

But something peculiar happens a few weeks into the new year; we look into the same old mirror and see the same familiar face that greeted us there last year.  The same ugly warts and the not-so-pretty habits snuck into the new year without our permission.  We so desperately wanted this new year to be different, but sadly it’s not.

What if there was another way to consider?

You are the same glorious you on January 1st as you were on December 31st.  Sure you may be feeling a little hungover or bloated, but nothing has changed about you specifically.  Your unique brilliance, your beauty, and your mysterious presence in the universe is a gift to all of us.

What if you considered this new year–that no matter what day it is–you’re perfect just the way you are?  How spectacular would your days be if each day started with large doses of self-love?

The secret to remember is whether you’re 17 or 70, time progresses at the same rate for all of us.  Except the older you get the more history your brain has to recall.  Right now, I have forty-two years of experiences to recall at any time; and yet the only reality I truly can hold on to is this very moment.  When I see the perfection of this present moment, I’m free to lay the burdens down I have carried around long enough.

Maybe that’s the beauty of the new year; it gives us an opportunity to let go.

Leaving the past where it belongs creates the perfect space for us to remember that Life can’t be won, it can only be played.  And in the process of playing at this beautiful Life, you will find that joy meets you in each moment.

The calendar is nothing but a man-made invention to help us organize our history.  A day, a week, a month, or a year can all be categorized and ordered to tell a story about our species.  But how do you categorize and order the mysterious flow of the eternal Now?

You are part of the greatest story ever told and you bring a uniqueness and perfection the world has never seen before.

May 2016 be the year you let go of the burdens that weigh you down and may it be the year when you fully grasp your greatness!


Peace my friends!




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