From My Bookshelf – Day 43

Your job on Earth, therefore, is not to learn (because you already know), but to re-member Who You Are. And to re-member who everyone else is. That is why a big part of your job is to remind others (that is, to re-mind them), so that they can re-member also. All the wonderful spiritual teachers have been doing just that. It is your sole purpose. That is to say, your soul purpose. 

Pain results from a judgment you have made about a thing. Remove the judgment and the pain disappears. Judgment is often based upon previous experience. Your idea about a thing derives from a prior idea about that thing. Your prior idea results from a still prior idea—and that idea from another, and so forth, like building blocks, until you get all the way back in the hall of mirrors to what I call first thought. All thought is creative, and no thought is more powerful than original thought. 

Begin by being still. Quiet the outer world, so that the inner world might bring you sight. This in-sight is what you seek, yet you cannot have it while you are so deeply concerned with your outer reality. Seek, therefore, to go within as much as possible. And when you are not going within, come from within as you deal with the outside world. Remember this axiom: 

If you do not go within, you go without. 

Put it in the first person as you repeat it, to make it more personal: 

If I do not go within I go without.

You have been going without all your life. Yet you do not have to, and never did. There is nothing you cannot be, there is nothing you cannot do. There is nothing you cannot have. 

Neale Donald Walsch — Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue – Book 1 (pp. 28-44)

What might it take to remember Who You Are?

Life bombards us with event after event until we’re drowning. It doesn’t take long until we have completely forgotten who we are. Our entire focus turns to whatever outer event has consumed our minds.

What if you could quiet your mind and focus completely on your inner world? What might you discover?

For me, when I quiet my mind and focus on my inner world, I am enveloped with peace and joy. The main issue I have sometimes is I don’t take the necessary time to get quiet and go within. When I do, all the outer frustrations melt away.

When I’m able to get quiet, I’m able to remember Who I Am. I’m able to remove the judgment and then the pain disappears. I have absolutely learned that if I do not go within, I go without.

Thankfully, even amidst plenty of life’s storms, I have been able to go within more than before. Even when “life” happens, I am quick to remember the current event doesn’t define who I am as a person. My life is not ruled by whatever external event happens to come up because the first chance I get I carve out quiet time and turn within. Sure, sometimes I forget my potential and Who I Am, but it rarely takes long to bring me back to my core. At my core is where I connect with my True Self and can serve those around me from a full vessel of love.

Are you having a rough week, month, year? Have you possibly forgotten Who You Are? Remember, if you do not go within, you go without.

Have a blessed day.

Peace and Love,




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