Grief and Christmas

I have an amazing Life! With each passing day my heart fills with more gratitude than should be allowed by one person.  I’m a firm believer that a specific day isn’t more special than any other day, but today–Christmas–feels more meaningful for some reason.

Let me start by saying it’s been an emotional week.  We laid to rest my Uncle who was a phenomenal man.  He lived an extraordinary life and loved fiercely in a way that changed everyone he came in contact with.  Even though he is no longer with us, it has been breathtaking to witness his presence shine through in the faces and hearts of those who love him.

Death feels so final at first.  It’s so hard to fully grasp.  But what I have come to learn this past week is just how much we are all connected.  We are all blanketed with Love and that holds us all together.  Our human existence is something we struggle to understand but when we see Love in action it all makes more sense.  I realize to some of you it may feel generic to suggest our only purpose here is to Love, but when you strip everything else away is there anything more important?


We shuffle along in our day-to-day activities assuming our job, our mortgage, or our car payment are all so important.  We pick up extra shifts and lose precious time with loved ones because that’s what our society tells us to do.

This past week has been a wonderful reminder to me of what is truly important.  Spending time with my beautiful Aunt, telling stories around the table and laughing, writing letters to my amazing children and loving wife, gathering around the fireplace and Christmas tree to open gifts with my dear family, celebrating the life of an exceptional man; these are all perfect reminders to me that Love is why I am here.

I experience this Love the deepest and most pure by simply staying in the present moment.  My gratitude for my Life spills over from one moment to the next as I observe my children, my wife, my Aunt, my family, and my friends.

And then to complete my day of gratitude for my amazing Life, I steal away time for myself to press this fountain pen onto paper and reflect on all the Love I am surrounded by.  As my week of Grief and Christmas draws to a close, I’m thankful for you.  I’m thankful for each and every one of you–whether we have met or not–because Love connects our species even when we are confused and forget.


May you hold your loved ones a little closer during this holiday season.  May you set aside differences long enough to see the Love that connects us all.  May you use the moments you have left on this earth for good, since we don’t know how many moments we have left.  May you have a blessed and beautiful holiday season with those you love.

Rest in peace, Uncle Ray.  I am a better husband, father, friend, and human being thanks to your influence.

I have an amazing Life!  So do you!


Peace my friends!




  1. That was very touching !!!
    After these past few days, I want to be more aware of the love my family and friends surround me with daily! I am really very blessed ! Thanks for your writings T.J. You are blessed with a special talent! Don’t ever stop writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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