Monkey Mind

While in therapy one day, I learned about this phrase called “Monkey Mind.”  Basically, if you can imagine a group of monkeys that get restless, uncontrollable, and out of whack; this is what our brain does to us especially when our emotions get involved.  Monkey Mind is usually mentioned in relation to meditation but it applies in almost any situation.  I’m certain many of you have experienced this yourself.

Have you gotten in a huge fight lately?

Have you been through a recent breakup?

Have you disagreed with someone you love deeply?

Have you attempted to meditate?

Have you lost a loved one or dear friend?

Has someone said something that frustrated you?

Yup, chances are, you’re well aware of Monkey Mind.


How do you control your mind?

How do you control your heart?

How do you stop yourself from driving yourself crazy?

When you find yourself overwhelmed, obsessing about someone or something, how do you calm yourself down?

When you know your Happy-Healthy-Whole Self would just shrug this thing you can’t let go of, why does it seem impossible to just breath and focus on brighter days?


I’m laid back.  I rarely let things bother me too much.  Most times I’m more like the ocean beneath the surface rather than the waves above it.

But man oh man, when my Monkey Mind gets going, I can barely contain myself.  It feels impossible to quiet my mind and the thoughts come crashing in one after the other, after the other, after the other, after the other; well, you get the idea.

So, I’m curious……..What do you do to quiet your Monkey Mind?  What techniques do you use to calm yourself down?  I’m genuinely asking for myself, and I’m also asking for some friends and loved ones that I know who sure could use your suggestions right now.

Any and all comments are greatly appreciated!!


Peace my Friends!





One comment

  1. Lately I’ve taken to breathing. In through the nose, out through the mouth…usually three times. (Mr. Miagi would be so proud) I also find saying the Jesus prayer helps me realign.


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