When I started on my Journey
I had no idea what I was searching for
Until I found my beliefs inaccurate
And began to dissect them one by one

Just like following a cookie trail
I was drawn one step at a time
Away from my certainty
And into the unknown

Soon I looked over my shoulder
And could barely see whence I came
Searching for truth; my guide
Leading me into unfamiliar territory

The fear of losing my way back
And disappointing family and friends
Felt like concrete around my ankles
And a noose around my neck

I remember at one point I said
If I take one step further
I will have gone farther
Than I’ve ever gone before

And yet with trembling heart and
Knees, I took that next step
And low and behold
Courage met me there

While I devoured books
And peered inward through writing
A great landscape appeared
And left me in awe

I learned of other beliefs
Studied many different religions
Kept an open mind and heart
Absorbing them like a sponge

My expectation was to find
Differences amongst them the norm
Instead much to my surprise
A common thread WOVEN through them all

I searched to the West
There she was
To the East, there too
North South inside outside

Everywhere I looked she was there
Permeating anything she touched
Blinding like the sun
Chasing darkness away

Soon I realized why Journey wooed me
My beliefs were too shallow
My vision too narrow
And my opinions too rigid

When I first saw her I cried
My eyes opened
My ears heard
My heart felt
My soul rejoiced


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