What I’m Learning . . .



I’m learning a lot about myself and life these days.

  • I’m learning that it’s okay to ask for what I need.
  • I’m learning that my dreams don’t magically come true without hard work.
  • I’m learning that my impatience or annoyance is more about my inner state of mind than it is about the one doing the annoying.
  • I’m learning that some people struggle being real and genuine and that’s okay.
  • I’m learning that I also struggle at times with being real and genuine and that’s okay too.
  • I’m learning that being vulnerable is risky but it’s also where the fertile soil is for personal growth and loving.
  • I’m learning that in regards to my diet and health, I’m either progressing or regressing: I’m rarely ever simply maintaining.
  • I’m learning that as a writer, writing doesn’t happen on its own.
  • I’m learning that the best of intentions are rarely ever good enough apart from taking action.
  • I’m learning that procrastinating rarely ever leads to greatness.
  • I’m learning the ability to follow through is more difficult than the rush of brainstorming.
  • I’m learning that time spent on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram does not necessarily count as online research.
  • I’m learning that my wife has the patience of Job most days and she truly fits the description of the better half.
  • I’m learning that sometimes the person in the most need of my love is me.
  • I’m learning that staying aware and present can be difficult when there are so many distractions.
  • I’m learning this world can provide me with awe and wonder every day if I slow down enough to look.
  • I’m learning that peace and contentment originate inside myself regardless of my environment.
  • I’m learning that my children teach me way more about life than I could possibly teach them.
  • I’m learning the answers to life’s questions usually come to me easier when I’m not so desperate to know them.
  • I’m learning that I’m never done learning as long as I’m alive and I’m totally cool with that!

I’m curious what you’re learning lately? Will you take a minute to comment and share?




PS. I’m learning that life is more enjoyable when I don’t take myself quite so serious.  😉




  1. Travis, I too am learning to write and I find Facebook an extremely useful tool. I will copy your list of what I’ve learned (because it is so similar to my own) I will edit out anything that doesn’t apply to me and add anything that does. Thanks for posting this.


  2. I’m truly honored and thank you for your comment on Prince Ea, wondering where you might touch based with more of my thoughts. At this time, I’m active on a site open by invitation where I and others are learning to express our spirit through poetry. If you mention my name to the site’s ‘owner’, I’m sure he’ll want to get to know you more. It’s a very safe, deep place to find the deepest places within us to finally face after sometimes a lifetime of avoiding them.

    We are not interested in form but rather in revealing to our own eyes what acts as our shadow, and that acts to slow our forward progress in our personal growth. We deal with tough experiences for which to extract words from our hidden hearts, and I’ve seen enormous healing going on almost daily.

    This group was started by a member of the large, closed group titled Superhuman Operating System by its creator, Ken Wilber. However there are now more members in this non-sectarian group of spiritual poetic expression that never even heard of Ken before. If you are interested, I do encourage you to join. My first poem there will be posted in a day or two.

    The name of this group is Escape to the Homelands of the Heart on FB. Michael’s own blog is Metanoia online. I look forward to seeing you there! No’poetic’ talent required. ❤


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