From My Bookshelf – Day 33

I believe the whole point of inner work is to enjoy life. For me, this means accepting myself for who I am unconditionally. When life is moving along effortlessly, my unconditional love for myself allows me to enjoy every moment of life in abundance. When life gets difficult, I don’t just weather the obstacle; I greet the ups and downs of life’s journey with unconditional love for myself and the people in my life by understanding that I am only truly alive in the present moment. As long as there is life, everything is possible.

Truth is the moment when unconditional love blossoms in our hearts. The expression “I am worthy of my own love despite this hardship” is the seed that brings light into the darkest moment of our lives. Our conscious relationship with ourselves allows us to decide what is true for us in each moment.

The present, right now, is the only opportunity we have to make change. The only thing we are able to control is this very moment, right now, where our choices and decisions make an impact upon our present. 

When we live a life of awareness, we see that perfection already exists. Rather than being flawed, a full life is simply a matter of continuing to do what we love to do and improving our skills or craft. We do this not because we are searching for perfection, but because perfection is expressed through the action of being alive. Practice makes the master. Life gets better and better not because it is “supposed to,” but because it is the consequence of passion and unconditional love. 

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. — Living a Life of Awareness (pp. ix-xiii)

Even when I have struggled through difficult times lately, there has been one common theme that I have held on to: I have wholeheartedly accepted myself and have been vehemently on my own side. There have been some difficult days—I am not immune to difficulty any less than everyone else—however, I have reached a place in my journey that the storms of life don’t take me out like they did before. Even when it seems like everything is falling apart around me, I am extremely thankful that my awareness has grown enough to the point where I’m constantly brought back to the present moment.

By reminding myself “I am worthy of my own love despite this hardship,” I accept my situation for what it is and even find opportunities to be thankful for the hardships I encounter.

How can I do this (and does it work every time)?

I have learned a long time ago that nothing is wasted. There hasn’t been one single hardship I have encountered that didn’t change me in some significant way. So, with that in mind, I have learned that no matter what the hardship may be this week, I will learn from it, grow from it, and it will be used for good to change me into the person I’m designed to become. I wholeheartedly believe in the process and I’ve grown to expect a high level of joy in the journey. I humbly choose to be thankful for everything this world has bestowed upon me and I genuinely look forward to learning and growing in every situation.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work every single time for one specific reason—my level of awareness is lacking. When I am living in unawareness, I respond less-than desirable, I fail to see the beauty and joy in every situation, and I lack empathy and kindness. When I am actually living with awareness, however, I really am able to see the perfection of every situation.

Have a blessed day.

Peace and Love,


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