From My Bookshelf – Day 26

When we risk, we expose ourself, our Child Within, our True Self. We take a chance and we become vulnerable. When we do this, two extreme outcomes may emerge—acceptance or rejection. Whatever we may decide to risk about ourself, another may accept, reject—or they may react somewhere in between. 

Many of us may have been so wounded from risking—whether in our childhood, adolescence, adulthood or all three—that we are usually reluctant or unable to risk and share our Real Self with others. Yet we are caught in a dilemma: when we hold in our feelings, thoughts, concerns and creativities, our Child Within becomes stifled and we feel bad, we hurt. Our held-in energy may build up so much that the only way we can handle it is to let it out to someone. This is the predicament that many of us who grew up in troubled families encounter. And because of a number of factors, such as our seeking approval, validation, excitement and intimacy, we may select someone who is not safe and supportive. Indeed, they may reject us or betray us in some way, which may just confirm our reluctance to risk. So we hold in all our feelings again and the cycle continues. Yet to heal our Child Within we have to share it with others. So where do we start? 

Charles Whitfield — Healing the Child Within (pp. 95-96)

If you haven’t read Healing the Child Within, drop what you are doing right this second and order it on Amazon or go to the nearest bookstore or library and get your hands on a copy. It’s a small book packed with countless nuggets of gold!

Whether you believe it or not, you have a child within that effects your life on a daily basis. Every conversation, every encounter, every relationship has the potential to put you in touch with your child within. Some people who have lots of awareness training and years of therapy are quick to recognize their child within. But most people in the general public will give you a funny look like you’re crazy if you mention their child within.

Exposing my True Self is something I have worked long and hard at being comfortable with. It doesn’t happen overnight and for me it was a journey that took many years to fully grasp. Being vulnerable is a scary thing. Maybe you led with your chin when you were younger and you took some shots. Now your child within is apprehensive—understandably so.

Healing my child within proved to be one of the greatest catalysts to my own personal growth and development. Have you considered your child within and the role it plays in your daily life?

Have a blessed day.

Peace and Love,


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