From My Bookshelf – Day 20

In our conscious life, we are exposed to all kinds of influences. Other people stimulate or depress us, events at the office or in our social life distract us. Such things seduce us into following ways that are unsuitable to our individuality. Whether or not we are aware of the effect they have on our consciousness, it is disturbed by and exposed to them almost without defense. This is especially the case with a person whose extraverted attitude of mind lays all the emphasis upon external objects, or who harbors feelings of inferiority and doubt concerning his own innermost personality. 

The more that consciousness is influenced by prejudices, errors, fantasies, and infantile wishes, the more the already existing gap will widen into a neurotic dissociation and lead to a more or less artificial life far removed from healthy instincts, nature, and truth. 

Carl G. Jung — Man and His Symbols  (pp. 33-34)

How much emphasis do you place on external situations? This is such a difficult lesson to grasp. So many times we are like pin-balls bouncing between a multitude of external objects. Someone pulls out in front of us; we’re pissed for twenty miles. Someone says something insensitive; we obsess about all the comebacks we wish we would’ve said. Our car breaks down or we lose something important to us; we think the entire world has come to an end and mope around for days.

I’m not saying that external things in our lives should never effect us negatively. There are unfortunate things that happen to all of us in life. However, what I am saying is WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE EFFECTED BY EVERY EXTERNAL EVENT. We can face the world with a calm demeanor. We can practice R.A.I.N.


Today, I will attempt to practice R.A.I.N. and allow whatever external drama that unfolds to simply be what it is. Give it a try yourself and let me know how it goes.

Have a blessed day.

Peace and Love,


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