Where Did We Go Wrong?

Where did we go wrong as a species?

At what point did we think it would be best to completely dismiss or discard those who think differently than us?

At what point did we establish the notion that what someone thinks or believes dictates whether we will love them or not?

Where did we go wrong to withhold our love for another human who made a mistake or erred in their choices?

We are ALL doing the BEST we can to figure out this thing called life.

Why is it so difficult to love someone right where they’re at–mistakes and blemishes and all–without making them feel like they need to change first before we’ll love them?

Where did we go wrong in our religion? We stress how Jesus is the ultimate example of how we should live our lives. If I read the story right, he loved!  Jesus loved EVERYONE he met and willingly gave his life to prove it. If we say Jesus is our best example of how to live and yet we withhold our love from those around us then I’m afraid we blatantly missed the point.

You may subscribe to a worldview or religion that allows you to feel superior to your fellow man; you may assume you’re very fortunate to have a firm grasp on the “truth.” Please, I beg of you, nobody wants your “truth,” they only want your love. Without love, your truth is empty, hollow, shallow.

Where did we go wrong as a nation to assume every other country is here to serve our every desire? Why do we use people for selfish gain and then act surprised when they get upset? What if, as a nation, we sought to love and understand the “other” instead of using them?

Where did we go wrong to believe that any of life’s problems could be solved with anything other than love? I’m preaching to the choir here. I need to be reminded of this almost every day of my life. It’s so easy to dismiss. It’s so easy to blame, attack, and separate.  It’s so much harder and messy to love with an open and genuine heart.

No matter what you say, think, or do; my goal is to love you right where you are. I may fail miserably some days, but I am genuinely trying.  I believe many of you are genuinely trying also.

Where did we go wrong?

Love is the only answer, silly.



Peace my Friends!



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