My Random Thoughts


The Life I witness from inside my eyes I claim as my own.

A thought lands in my head the way a leaf floats to the ground.

It must be MY thought, I think, because it fell into MY head.

My mood hangs in the balance until I believe or dismiss the thought.

It rarely dawns on me to ask myself if the thought is true or not.


The present moment is overflowing with beauty, but only every time I look.

My senses fill my brain with so much joy when I let them.

Love in my heart bursts at the seams, except when I hate.

My life is being lived for me even when I sleep, and I accept the way of it.

All things work together for good whether I work at it or not.


I assume I have some semblance of control over my life.

Control is an illusion that I arrogantly hold on to.

I naively take credit for my accomplishments as though I did them.

I control the weather in the same manner I control my Life’s outcome.

Arguing with Reality creates suffering for me each and every time.


Religion has been a wonderful compass guiding me back to myself.

Books constantly stretch my imagination and question my certainty.

The Middle Way is something I find very Zen-like.

The Tao Te Ching changed my life, it was clear–like mud.

Psalms and Proverbs are full of equal parts wisdom and nonsense, much like real life.


People really piss me off and they make me really happy, depending on the story I believe about them.

My projection of my thinking plays out in my dealings with people.

Loved ones are rarely perfect, which is the most perfect way they can be.

Images on the television change my temperament without my permission.

I wonder if the spider is as impressed with my home as I am with his?



I wonder if any of my thoughts caught your attention?  If so, feel free to comment or share.

Peace my friends!



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