Some Days It Hurts


Some days it hurts when

my heart beats. It hurts

to feel everything I feel. And

to witness all I see.


Some days I attempt to

make sense of it all.  I

put thoughts into words and

string them up like xmas lights.


Some days clarity smacks me

on the face and grabs hold

of my hair. It tells me

what I need to write.


Some days lucidity hides

from me. I have to trim away

the confusion like

I prune a rose bush.


Some days I’m full of

confidence and surety.  My

thoughts are clear and I

see easily across the horizon.


Some days I second

guess everything.  I squint

my eyes as though I’m looking

through muddy glasses.


Some days my relationships fall

into place like dominoes

carefully lined around the table

that easily tumble with only a tap.


Some days my ego creates

havoc for myself and

everyone around me destroying

peace like napalm.


Some days it hurts.

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