Your Flow Has Got To Go!!


Your Flow Has Got To Go!!

Continuing with the theme from last night, what can we do when someone keeps messing with your flow? Do you ever wonder why it seems so easy to get sucked into somebody’s drama? Whether they’re your spouse, relative, acquaintance, or coworker, you don’t have to accept their garbage.

I’m trying to figure something out. If someone drove their truck to your house, let down the tailgate, and started throwing their trash all over your yard you would be furious. You would demand they pick up THEIR trash and you would probably never allow them back to your place. Why, then, do you willingly serve as a human dumpster for other people’s emotional garbage?

Dumped garbage in your yard; you’re instantly furious.

Dumped emotional garbage on your flow; you let them drop it off and leave while you are left to clean it up.

Whenever I’m coaching someone I always tell them, “You teach people how to treat you.” What you’re willing to put up with is a loud and clear unspoken message for how you feel you deserve to be treated. You have a parent that goes way beyond their healthy boundaries? They will continue to until you teach them how to treat you. You have a spouse that walks all over you? They will continue to until you teach them how to treat you. You have a coworker that is driving you nuts? They will continue to until you teach them how to treat you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with defining how you will be treated by others. More specifically, you MUST protect your flow at all cost. If you are not vigilantly protecting your flow on a daily basis, someone will most certainly disrupt it.

Having healthy expectations and clear boundaries are essential to keeping in touch with your mysterious flow. Fanning the flames to your dreams and actively pursuing them are also essential to staying in the flow.

Let’s face it, you probably come across somebody on a daily basis whose flow is disrupting your flow. Instead of taking it personal or getting sucked into their drama, simply tell them their flow has got to go! It’s their garbage, not yours, so don’t take ownership of one ounce of it. Remember, you’re teaching them how you’re willing to be treated with every encounter.

Good luck!


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